Monday, October 24, 2016

Oswego 10.24.16

Good news first! Elsa passed her baptismal interview and is all set
for this upcoming Saturday, October 29, to be baptized! It's amazing
the change I've seen in her. I hope she always continues to stay with
the church. Elder Limary, our zone leader who interview her, said she
was more than prepared!

Elder Bingham and I have still been fighting with the devil on the
daily with some of our investigators. He just never quits! But he'll
lose anyways so it's okay (:

We've had lots of meetings and things we had to do this week so we
didn't do a whole lot of proselyting. But things are going, overall,
pretty well with our investigators.

I didn't think I was going to come home fat, but I might after these
last couple weeks. People keep giving us food! We have a whole table
full of junk food that people have given us. We are trying to just
power through it so it will be gone and we won't have to worry about
it anymore, but it keeps refilling! Haha sorry mom (;

Okay so for the title, cranberry mustard sauce. We were teaching this
recent convert, Ryan, and we were having what I thought was a really
good lesson, the spirit was really strong and we were reading mosiah
4. I bore my testimony then right after that he says, "ya know I've
just really been thinking about this cranberry mustard sauce I had one
my subway sandwich today." 😑X11,000 I swear people don't ever listen
to what we are trying to say to help them awake from the sleep of
hell. Oh well, at least I felt the spirit and confirmed my testimony

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

 A Mormon household that doesn't have a Y on their house! That's so
rare! Usually everyone out here has Y flags.
 Went to the mission office today. It's right next door to hooters.
That's the only way I can find it. lol
 A member in Oswego has these cool things in his window. I knew Keaton
would appreciate them
 A few after-planning pictures in the kitchen. #choosethesprite
We made a few options for when our rap albums launch.

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