Monday, October 3, 2016

Photos from Owego 10.3.16

 These tall ducks run Illinois. They don't move for anything. Not even semis.

 The awkward moment when you're in the same mission as sister Aubrey

Turner who you went to high school with gets captured in picture by
Elder Bill Wells. (#Bill&Frank)

 Me and elder Thornock when I picked him up in Naperville.

 A couple of cool guys we met on the river. We helped them catch

crayfish and taught them the gospel for about an hour. Didn't even get
my shirt dirty!

 No one would let us come over for conference Saturday morning so

luckily we have wifi in our apartment so we could watch on my iPad.

 My district
 The great city of Oswego

 A couple pictures from a bridge on the fox river.

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