Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elsa got baptized 10.31.16

Elsa got baptized on Saturday! It was a great service, several members
came up to us and said how nice everything came together. I had the
opportunity to baptize her. That was my first time so it was super
special. I was nervous and I thought my voice was shaky, but bro. St.
John came up to me afterwards and said I sounded really calm and
confident. I can only thank the Holy Ghost for that! The Spirit was
unmistakeable preset during both her baptism and confirmation, which
was performed by elder Bingham. I felt it the strongest during her
confirmation, I could really feel Him fall upon her and light us all
with His presence. I am so grateful for that gift which has been given
to me as well as to all those who are purified by the waters of

This last week we just spent a large part of our week planning for the
baptisms and visiting with people to get it all arranged. We had one
of our investigators, Paula, show up with her family to the baptism.

Another very exciting thing happened, we put Jake Brown on date for
November 12! I really hope it works out for him! It's the one weekend
that he's home on Saturday til late December and he said, "Well I'd
rather do this sooner than later, so lets go for the 12th!" We were
super pumped!

We had our fall fest on Saturday as well after the baptism. There was
a chili cook off and a mac-n-cheese cook off. I liked the mac-n-cheese
part myself. There was some with bacon in it... I voted for that. We
had Paula and Jake come to that event. Overall this was a really good

Tomorrow we have some conference in Joliet. This will be my last ever
zone conference in this capacity as a full-time missionary in this
mission. They usually ask the departing missionaries to bear their
testimony, I'm kinda nervous for that. Hopefully they skip that part
of the meeting. (;

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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