Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sukkot - 10.17.16

I hope everyone enjoyed Sukkot eve last night and will continue to
enjoy Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) throughout this week. It's a
Jewish holiday. So if you don't celebrate it, don't feel bad cause I
won't either.

Satan 😑
He was trying to get in the way this week. Our investigator, Jake
Brown, had some really bad news hit him this week so he said he was
scared for what was going to happen. We are going to give him a
blessing tonight with out lesson. We are still shooting for mid
November when he can be baptized. I'll have to extend if he needs a
couple extra weeks.

Elsa accepted a baptismal date for October 29!!!!! We have the
interview all set up and everything is going pretty well. Except Satan
came in again.. right before she was about to leave for church some
family from out of state showed up.. she will still be okay for
baptism because she's come enough times already, but we definitely
want her to come this next Sunday or else we might need to hold off
for a few more weeks.

We attempted to put Paula on date for November 12 yesterday, she said
she'd think about it. But yesterday's lesson was unique. The spirit
was stronger than normal with her and she seemed a little more focused
and receptive. It was awesome.

Elder Bingham is still awesome. I've just been trying to master all my
stick tricks again will his fiddlestick. It's super fun.

Well let me tell you of a testimony building experience, among many
others, that I had this week. So I told everyone, over a year ago, of
my Rubik's cube experience and elder wells being an answer to my
prayers. I lost our car key on Wednesday. We looked everywhere. We
were supposed to have lunch with our bishop and Ward mission leader
and right when we were about to leave we couldn't find the keys. We
had to call them and ask if they would come get us, but they were
already at Portillo's but they came and got us and let me have it...
haha they are the funniest people I know. We've got a good
relationship going. It'll be hard to leave them.

Well we prayed and prayed and prayed. And I did my rubiks cube over
and over to remind myself that god answers prayers. We spent most of
our Saturday helping someone move that we helped move 3 weeks ago;
it's a long, but really good, story. We came back to change and the
key just dropped out of my pocket. I checked those pockets at least 10
times.. I don't know how, why, or whatever, but the Lord tested our
faith and patience and ended up finding it!

Have a good week. Don't forget about Sukkot, or do.

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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