Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teepee Thief - 10.10.16

Quote of the week: "He's not Donald Trump, but he's the Holy Ghost!"
This quote comes from Barbara, our investigator. She's an older lady
who is Pentecostal. I'm not sure what her statement meant, but she
said it right in the middle of her closing prayer for one of our
lessons. Elder Bingham and I had to try really hard to not laugh too

Speaking of elder Bingham, this man is awesome. I've never had so much
in common with someone else. It's super fun. He has an STX mini
lacrosse stick and he let me play with it and I was doing a bunch of
stick tricks and it was a blast.

Miracles have been happening here in the Oswego Ward this week. It's
been amazing to see how the Lord is working. It's hard when we don't
see it happening, but I believe it is always happening around us,
sometimes it is more apparent to us than at other times.

So I told everyone about Jake Brown who called us and said he wants to
get baptized. So we go there Thursday and I think he was expecting us
to baptize him that day. Haha he was so excited and so ready. He's
been reading/listening to the Book of Mormon like crazy. He was a
little disappointed when we told him we have to teach him all the
lessons first. He objected by saying, "in the Bible when people said
they believed, they got baptized right then." We told him there was a
little more of a process than that and he was like, "I'm going to talk
to the bishop about this." It's such a weird situation, this guy wants
to get baptized so bad and so fast that he doesn't even want the
missionary discussion. Haha what an blessed problem to have! He has
been married to his wife for 11 years and she's a member. He's been
coming to church for like 6 months and has had the missionary
discussions before in the past, but he said his heart was hard at the
time. It's a unique situation, well honestly they all are, but we'll
get it worked out. All he has to do is give us smoking for 2 weeks
then he can be baptized. I think he's got the zeal and determination
to quit. Hopefully before I go home! Either missionaries didn't keep
very good records or something got deleted because there was no info
on him besides his name, address, and phone number. That's why we have
to do the lessons again because we don't have any record of it
previously. But he met with bishop and he is okay with going through
the process. We are teaching him tonight and again Thursday, and
hopefully again this week. Tonight we are going to shoot for a
baptismal date of October 29.

Another miracle, on Saturday we went to Plano and we're stopping by
some potential investigators. We stopped by Jaimee Sigler and she was
in the process of moving so we offered to help. She said yes, but just
after we started to help move a desk she said, "I really didn't think
you would help." Well why would I offer! Haha but after we helped for
a while she said, "I'll make you a deal, since you helped me move,
I'll come to church tomorrow." And she did! It was super cool. We had
5 investigators at church on Sunday. It was awesome.

There's lot of things running through my mind that I wanna tell you
about, but I'll just leave it at that. There were a lot of awesome
things happening this week. Elder Bingham is awesome.

Oh yeah, so the subject line.. Elder Thornock took the toilet paper
when he got transferred! And a half-pan of brownies from Paula St.
John! He must have stuffed them in his suitcase! I know he's new to
the mission field, but who steals the toilet paper!!? Haha good times.
Good thing I had some extra pairs of socks. (;

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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