Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blue Attire - 9.5.16

Had a good exchange this week with elder Casto.  We
found like 5-6 people who were interested. Unfortunately 4 of them
were people outside our area. What luck! Haha

We were riding back to the apartment on Saturday night and I blew a
tire on my bike. It was right after we went to a members house to get
my axle tightened so now I can't even take it off... It just makes me
laugh because it all happened right after we taught a great lesson to
some people we found so it was just Satan trying to destroy the

That guy we found, Angel Leal, is super cool. After we talked about
the Book of Mormon he asked where he could get one in the most sincere
way. Without even thinking about it my arm was already extended out
with a Book of Mormon in my hand. It was pretty neat.

John 6 is a good read. It's been my study the last two days. Along
with Peter I echo that I believe and am sure that Jesus of Nazareth is
that very Christ who was prophesied and who came to redeem us from
spiritual and temporal death.

Elder G. Franklin Scherer