Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sacrament: Attended 2.22.16

Well you read it. We had an investigator come to church! First one in
five months! (:
I was reading this morning in Alma 8. Alma was teaching in melek and
there were people literally coming to him to get baptized (like all my
friends in South America who have had as many baptisms as lessons I've
taught lol). Then Alma goes to Amonihah and is rejected and thrown out
and spit upon (not too different from here). So what I pulled from
this was it doesn't necessarily matter where you serve, but how you
serve. Different areas have different levels of success. The same guy,
Alma, served with the exact same level of diligence in different
places, but had different amounts of success.

We met an investigator named Matthew this week. He is crazy! He has
two degrees, one in English and another in science. He started talking
to us about some deep stuff. It was crazy. He came to church and had
to leave about halfway through gospel principles. We walked him out
and he asked us what the 7 deadly sins are. He just asks random
questions all the time to test us to see if we know what we're talking
about. He texted us this morning and was all po'd about some stuff he
found on the Internet..

I went on exchanges with elder golling. He's from Ukraine. I love this
elder. We've been in the same zone for his whole mission. He's never
had a preparation day without me for the past 7 1/2 months. We were
going to stop by a less active member, the pye's, and we heard someone
yell for us to come over. It was bro. Versace, a guy who got baptized
a month ago. He lives across the street from the Pye's. He needed help
with his parrot because it was bleeding and he needed someone to help
him fast. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! So I
got to perform surgery on a parrot (:

So we've only been getting fed like once a week, if that, and bishop
got up on Sunday and said people need to feed the missionaries. Well
we've got a full calendar this week (:

Love you All!!

Elder Scherer

Biking in the snow.

I made some mini scriptures

Performed a little surgery on Bro. Versace's parrot. His dog bit it
and we had to hold it down while he cut its feathers off and put some
powder stuff to stop the bleeding

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