Friday, March 4, 2016

.:Tranfers:. 2.29.16

I'm getting transferred to Canton, IL. Third time going down to the
Peoria stake of Zion. I'm really sad to be leaving St. Charles because
the ward here is really great. But good news! Since I'll be in the
Peoria stake again I will get to go to Jo's endowment at the Nauvoo
temple! She was baptized February 28 last year in Galesburg. I'm super
pumped for that!

Well we just started finding people to teach this last week and now
I'm getting transferred, what a bummer! It seems like that happens to
me a lot. Haha we started teaching 3 part-member families and a few
other people.

We had a miracle on Saturday night. It was 8:45, so we were just
getting into the car to drive home for the night. We were pulling out
of the parking lot and there was a guy walking out of the grocery
store. I was in the process of opening my mouth yo tell elder Hadlock
to roll down the window and give the guy a card when he said, "stop
lemme give this man a card." So I stopped so he could give it to him
and he said do you want to know how your family can be together
forever? The guy said, with an interested tone, "I've got 15 minutes."
So I pulled into the next open parking spot and we ran back to where
we left him. His name was Ethan and he said he was thinking about
religion and faith just earlier that day. I felt prompted to ask him
if his religious life is satisfying to him to which he replied, "no".
He was really interested it seemed and he was even saying that it was
no coincidence that we met him that night. We said he would come to
church the next day, but we didn't see him. I'm still pretty hopeful
for him.

Speaking of church we had two investigators there this week, Natalie
and Matthew. It was amazing to have both of them there. We talked to
Natalie for a little bit before sacrament started and then left her in
the hands of sister Monson and sister Hobbs. They took care of her. We
had to focus on Matthew the whole time because he was in and out
making phone calls to his girlfriend, he was really stressed. He just
found out she was pregnant so he was freaking out. After sacrament
meeting ended she, Kanisha, came in for gospel principles. She didn't
want to come, but we convinced her!

WARNING: The next paragraph may seem racist! (But it's not) we'll play
the Tosh.0 game, "Is it racist?"

So Matthew is a mixed child. But Kanisha is full black. Not that that
matters in the slightest degree, but he was freaking out because there
are only like 2 black families in the ward, and while we were walking
out to get her from the car he was like, "wait before we get her I
need to tell you something. She's black as night." I knew he was
genuinely concerned with this so I kept a straight face and said that
that was completely fine. Later I had to excuse myself to the restroom
for a good laugh.

That was pretty much my week.


Pps Mom, you're gonna be mad, but I just realized there was a Coke
bottling company here in St. Charles and I could have gone and got you
some stuff... Oops (: love ya anyways.

Elder Scherer

Playing dodgeball with the stake president last week.

 Went to a car museum. That Mach 1 tho...

 1906 Cadillac

The Smith family

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