Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It snowed this morning 2.8.16

Tired is what I was this week. I fell asleep after the closing prayer
of nightly planning.

I introduced Elder Hadlock to Beef Shack this week. Best Italian beef
in Chicago! Their combo (Italian beef and Italian sausage on the same
sandwich) isn't as good as Buona's, but it's still pretty good. Beef
Shack's cheezy beef is top notch tho. I need to go to Buona this week
and get a red, baptized, combo. Let me explain: at Buona Beef you can
get it red, which is covered in marinara sauce. You can also get it
baptized, where they dunk the whole sandwich in the extra juice from
the beef.

On to more important things.
The food pantry we volunteer at gave us a whole bottle of Muscle Pharm
protein!! #Blessingsfromabove it's the same kind that Brother Harman
gave me a few weeks ago. we made a tower of all the protein we have.

Now on to the important things.
Chakita didn't show for sacrament meeting, again... We have to drop
her date of March 5. ): we went by her house after church to see what
the deal was. She said she won't be able to come to church til the
second week of March. She's still willing to meet with us, she just
can't come to church.
Natalie is still meeting with us, but on Tuesday when we meet next we
are just going to be flat with her and if she's not willing to
progress, then we'll have to let her go.

On a more positive note, we met a guy named Olijuwon last night. He is
a professional BMX racer! He was super sweet. He showed us some of his
videos on his phone. He's big into religion. His family met with
missionaries when he was 8. We're going to start teaching him this
Not one minute after we got Olijuwon's info and walked away, we ran
into a former investigator that has been investigating on and off for
the last two years! Her two daughters have both been baptized, but she
hasn't yet. I've been trying to get in contact with her since I got in
this area, and we found her!
Right after we met her, we went and knocked on a flaky investigator's
house down the street and met her boyfriend and he wants to meet with

I can't remember much else of what happened this week. The time is
going by fast and I can't remember what goes on anymore. It's all kind
of a blur really. It's all the same thing, every day, but it's

Hopefully we will get SOMEONE to COME TO CHURCH this week!

Elder Scherer

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