Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shut the front door 2.15.16

Last night we had one of the best lessons I've ever had. It was with
sister Merced. We've been working with her a lot. She is on her way
back to activity and preparing to go to the temple this year. We went
over to her house last night to teach her about the law of tithing; we
took James Minerly, a recent convert. Well just as with the most of
the best lessons I've had, we didn't even say one thing about tithing.
The spirit had something else in mind, but the Lord saw our
preparation in making a lesson plan so he helped us. She didn't come
to church yesterday because she was sick. We came in and she said,
"Before yous guys starts, I wanna tell you what I was reading before
you came in." She was reading chapter 3 of Howard W. Hunter, which was
what the relief society and priesthood lessons were on in church. She
said she just opened the gospel library app and that is what came up.
We said, "hey that's what the lessons were on today" and in the most
serious face I've ever seen she said, "Shut the front door." I almost
laughed, it was hilarious! Then she started bawling because she wasn't
able to come to church, but then she read the lesson. It was an
awesome, and her son was there!!! 

 (About halfway through the lesson she was saying how sometimes things
get you mad and she was like, "I can 0 to 100, real quick." I almost
buttered laughing, again!)

 I love when lessons completely go off of what we were going to talk
about and we follow the Holy Ghost in what to say. It helps me feel
like we're really connecting with them because it's what they need to

It was really cold this week. But that turned out great because two
people let us in because it was cold! That never happens. We ended up
teaching this guy named Ron about the atonement. He has struggled in
the past with addiction and things and he thinks God helped him
through it, but he doesn't know how or who God is. It was a great
experience to help someone understand these things that we know about
how the atonement carries us.
A few minutes later, we met a lady who let us come in for some hot
chocolate. Bless that woman.

 *It's like lacrosse: if someone needs help shooting, but you were
going to coach on how to ground ball, it's better to help them with
what they need. (I wasn't sure if I wanted to include this because
this is a dumb analogy) 

 Elder Scherer

Fox River Bridge
Elders on Ducatis

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