Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015 Galesburg

Que pasa amigos? So the greatest thing ever happened. I got a hug from President Fenn! That is Legen-----(wait for it)----dary! President only hugs his most beloved missionaries. According to what I've heard he has only hugged like 4 or 5 elders his whole time being president here. So I guess it just confirms what everyone already knows, I'm awesome!

This was a pretty good week. We got 4 new investigators!! We are still working with David and Viola. He really wants to be baptized, but he can't make it to church. Before I got my hug from President, I was asking him in an interview what we could do to help him. He said we could try asking the bishop if we can get a Bishop's Storehouse order for him so we can get him food so he can save some money to buy gas to get to church. 

Two of our new investigators that we got came from a street in  Monmouth. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but there were 3 doors in a row that all said we could come back and teach them! I guess maybe it came from all the hard we have been doing in this area. 

I still have not heard from Dawn, the lady we put on date for July 18. I don't remember if I said, but she is Jo's daughter. I also haven't heard from Ramona, the woman we baptized 4 weeks ago.. I haven't seen her since the day she got confirmed. She didn't even stay for all of church that day. She left right after sacrament, so she made it about 40 minutes. I may now hold the record for the fastest convert going inactive.

We got our transfer calls on Saturday. I am staying in Galesburg and Riggins is going up to Schaumburg. My new companion is going to be Elder Butterfield. He has been in Havana, which is in our district, so I already know him, plus he and I entered the Mtc on the same day and flew out to Chicago at the same time. H

This new transfer, so starting tomorrow, they are collapsing the two peoria zones into one zone with 3 districts instead of 2 zones with 2 districts each. They are closing a lot of areas down here in the boonies! Elder Hermansen is getting transferred back up to Joliet. I miss Joliet so much!!! I really hope I will get to go back. We have to be in Peoria at 6 tomorrow morning so we can get to transfer meeting up in Naperville by 9. We have to wake up at 4:30... I'm gonna need to pick up some monsters before then or I won't make it! haha

We finished the training program and we now have Facebook again. It would make it a lot easier on me if you didn't try and message me or anything like that because I'm not allowed to message back. I also have to untag myself from anything anyone tags me in and delete a post if someone posts on my wall. Just a heads up. I found out through Facebook that Aubrey turner who I went to junior high and high school with is coming to this mission sometime in like July or August! That will be weird to see someone I know.

At the time when Moses talked "face to face" with God (Moses 1), he was addressed as "my son". We are indeed the very sons and daughters of a Heavenly Father. Of all things that we could call God, the Savior Jesus Christ taught us to refer to him as our Father. What a great thing to know that he is our father. In spirit of Father's Day I want to give a shoutout to Gregalicious for always keepin it real (except in NHL '14 cause there's no way he can beat me!)

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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