Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Galesburg 6.8.15

dear family and friends,
this has been like the worst week of my life...
okay it hasnt been that bad, but i have had to stay inside since tuesday night. my companion has been super sick. i hope i dont get what hes had because it looks terrible. i think i would have gotten it by now if i was going to get it. i finished the whole new testament while i was just sitting there forever. i got sick of sitting on the couch so there were a couple times that i just layed on the floor for a while. i even got up and took laps around the living room because i was that bored. 
our ipads all crapped out so we have to email on the computers which sucks. i dont know how people did this in the past. or even wrote real letters. theres only one computer here so i am going to try and be fast so my comp can have a turn. our ipads will be fixed on the 17th so i will be able to email you all personally back.
that totally sucks that chief died ): im gonna miss my dog. i knew it would happen, but still sucks..
so other than sitting in the apartment for like 5 days it was a decent week. yesterday at church we had like 3 less active people come to church! they all bore their testimonies as well!!! it was super awesome. theres also not a lot of youth in this ward so i got to bless the sacrament yesterday as well, which was pretty cool.
Jo started meeting with us again! it has been great to be back over there. she said she is going to feed us sometime this week. We have been meeting with a man named David, he lives in Aledo which is like 45 minutes away from Galesburg. He commited to be baptized!! we havent set him up for a specific date, because he hasnt been able to come to church and the standard is they have to come to church at least 3 times. if we can get him to church we can get him baptized! its going to be awesome!
Sorry i dont have much time this week, but i will hopefully have more time in the future. the zone leaders are coming to galesburg today and we are going to go on exchanges. were gonna play some ball today so someones brains are gonna fall out after i dunk on em. Love you all!

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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