Thursday, June 4, 2015

Galesburg 6.1.15

What's up family and friends.

Seems like I was just writing you guys. Probably because we had a shorter time between P-days this time. This was a pretty good week. We have been working a lot with organizing our area book and our investigators. We are trying to find the people who have real potential to be taught.
President Fenn goes home in like 3 weeks and we will get our new president. We are out working everyday, and it really isn't up to us whether or not people get baptized, everyone has their own agency to choose to accept the message or not. But other than that things are going well. 
There are several less active/new member families that we are trying to help get to the
temple. If any of you haven't seen "Temples are a Beacon" Mormon message, you should. It really helps people to understand that the blessings of the temple are so incredible. I really wish I could go to the temple, I miss it a lot. I'm looking forward to the next time that I will be able to go. If I stay in Galesburg another transfer I will probably get to go to the Nauvoo Temple! That would be cool. Last time I was in Nauvoo I think I was only like 11 so I couldn't go inside.

Well everyone I am sorry that this one was kinda boring, nothing super exciting happened this week that I can report on. Just regular everyday missionary stuff.

I know that the priesthood has been restored through the prophet Joseph. I know that because of this families can be sealed together forever by this power. I am forever grateful for the example of my wonderful parents in being sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, written for those in our day, it is the tool to gather Israel. A study of the Book of Mormon will bring someone closer to God than any other book. If any one of you is struggling through life's trials, the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored through Joseph Smith contains your answers.
Have a good week!

Elder G. Franklin Scherer
Galesburg, Illinois

1319 Butterfield road suite 522
Downers Grove, Illinois

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