Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Galesburg 6.15.15

dearest people who read what i write,
i apologize in advance, i am so over using the shift key and therefore am not going to use it anymore. sorry. 
i had a really awesome exchange with elder hermansen this last monday/tuesday. he was my zone leader up in joliet for 3 transfers and then came down here. so hes only not been my zone leader for one transfer. anyways he is really cool and i always have a good time with him. he offered me some advice that could help me. at first it really made me mad that he suggested it, but i realized it will help me. 
so after pointing out like 4 camaros, 2 corvettes, several bmw's, a couple mercedes benz, and several other beautiful machines, he told me that i had not completely given up the world. after cooling down for a few minutes, i asked how this would help me. he said by giving up the world and worldly things i can better focus on the part of the vineyard the Lord has entrusted me with. i have therefore committed myself to give up the distraction of looking for nice cars on the road, which illinois is full of. this has been one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. so right after i decided i was going to give it up, i saw a dodge SRT Viper.. so yeah satan isnt going to make it easy i guess. yesterday there was a white camaro with red racing stripes following me like a shadow while we drove to the church. i had to focus so hard to not stare in the rear view mirror at it. STRUGGLES!
the other good thing that elder hermansen taught me is that theres a gas station called circle k that has any size drink for $0.79. also that gas station has voltage mountain dew in the fountain, and mtn dew kick start. yeah ive been there like 3 times since tuesday.. pray that i dont get fat!
i should probably say something spiritual now.
we put two people on date this week! one for July 18 and one for July 25! one is Jo Godsil's daughter, Dawn, and the other is a man named david. he lives in aledo, which is like 40 minutes away from the church so its going to be difficult to get him to come to church. he said that he really wants to be baptized, so we will see how bad he wants it if he can make the sacrifices to come to church.
my testimony grows every day. alma 32 is a wonderful explanation of how if we give place for the word of God in our lives it will grow so long as we nourish it like any other plant. alma 32, the parable of the sower, lehi's vision of the tree of life, the parable of the wheat and the tares are all small parts of the same metaphor. the gospel is like a garden. our testimonies will grow if we take care of them. all we have to do for weeds (doubts) to grow is nothing. they will come no matter what. we have to consistently get them out and give place and room for the good stuff to grow. listen to the talk by john bytheway, "weed your brain, grow a testimony".
i love you all, i love the Lord, have a blessed week.
Elder Garrett Franklin Scherer 

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