Friday, January 2, 2015

Naperville 12.29.14

Hello family! 

It was so good to see and talk to you last Thursday. It was fun to see
how everyone was doing. I feel like I said some weird things, but
that's okay I guess. Mom I feel like I may have offended you when I
made the joke about your cooking. I love your cooking , well, most of it ;).

I loved being able to share some experiences with you even though I
haven't had many or even very significant ones. Unfortunately we had
to drop our only progressing investigators because they were no longer
progressing and wouldn't keep commitments. So now we literally don't
have anyone to teach. Finding doesn't really get us anywhere. So I
don't know what we are going to go. I hope the 
members will start
doing their job of getting us people to teach.

In elders quorum yesterday they were trying to make assignments to get
us some dinners and find people to go out with us. What we want is for
people to feed us, give them an encouraging message to help them find
people for us, and go teach someone they have been talking to.
Everyone was so concerned with how they were going to feed us
because we share the ward with the sister training leaders. I
eventually got up and just laid down the law and told everyone to not
worry about feeding us because we can feed ourselves and what we need
from them is to get us people to teach and not to feed us. I hope I
didn't offend anyone and that I only made it clear that we need them
to do their member missionary work and find us friends that we can
teach. It was a lot more bold than I've ever been in my life and it
was a pretty cool experience.

Hope you have a fun and safe New Years, love you!

Elder Scherer

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