Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2 months in the field!!

hello family!
how are you all doing? this has been a good week! we have gotten two referrals, one from a member and one from the sisters who serve in the south half of this ward. we have tracted into a family that shows a lot of potential. the father grew up as a member of the rlds church and left with a really bad experience so hopefully we can steer clear of that and make sure he knows there's a difference between the lds and rlds church.

ive almost finished the book of mormon! i am halfway through mormon. its taken me a while to read it because I'm making sure i understand whats happening.

we've had a lot of meetings this last week, zone conference and district meetings and stuff like that. I'm getting to know a lot of the missionaries here. a lot of them are super weird. in district
meeting, elder adams the district leader, was talking about hard work and one Spanish sister was saying something and at the end she was bearing her testimony and said "i know working hard is true". we tried not to, but all the elders were holding back laughs cause she kinda sounded like an idiot. haha but it was still good. 

 we have been meeting with the slabber family the last couple weeks. they are really awesome people. their grandson lives with them and he has been who we are focusing on. his parents are divorced and his dad, who is a baptized member, has gotten into a lot of anti-mormon literature and harasses him about going to church and all. we are trying to make sure he has friend and that we are being friends with him. he's going to be turning 16 in march. he has like adhd and a little bit of autism, but really if no one told me that i wouldn't be able to tell. hes pretty normal to me and i think he's cool. he's super into rubiks cubes and stake boarding and finger boarding. me and
him have that in common because i like riding penny boards and i had a couple rubiks cubes and i had a bunch of tech deck finger stake boards. so that has been good to have something in common with him. he just doesn't have regular tech decks, he has some that he buys from a company in Germany. anyways they cost $140 just for the little tiny stake board. he's spent like $700 on all his stuff!

 on Thursday night we ate dinner at the millers home and then had our weekly mcm meeting with the ward mission leader. on the way home after the meeting it was raining pretty hard.. we were on our bikes and it was really cold. there was ice on the knuckles of my gloves when we got back to the apartment. my shoes were pretty gross looking after riding home that night too. ill try to send a picture of them. 

 we had a training on Facebook from the tech elders. they explained how Facebook works and how people see what you post. they said the more likes and comments and shares you get on your posts, the more likely it will be that people see it. and that's the vision of online proselyting. we want to spread the word of the gospel through our friends, family, and members where we are serving. so if you want to, go ahead and feel free to like, comment, and share my posts and any other missionary or church things you see. there's a talk given by elder bednar about how we need to "flood the earth" with the gospel by use of social media.

i got the packages you sent! haha i laughed at the greenie one you sent me, mom. I'm almost done being a "greenie"! at the end of this transfer ill be done with my training and ill get "greenie busted" which is what you call your third transfer since you spend the first two in the 12 week training program. i liked the other one too and thank you for the letters! i liked the shirt you sent me too, but i will probably never get a chance to wear it since i only wear white shirts every day and on p-day i try to wear a t-shirt as much as possible to get a break! thank you for thinking about me and praying for me. i love you and hope you have a great week! 
Elder Scherer

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