Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Naperville 1.12.15

Hello Family and Friends,

First of all those are beautiful (Nike Kobe 9 High). That's just torture that I can't go buy those shoes. This is just a cruel joke to play on me (; I'll make you a deal, if you buy these and those other blue Kobe IX shoes and just save them for when I get back, you'll never have to buy me another pair of shoes. Sounds like a great deal to me!
 This was a really boring week. We had to stay indoors on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.. Those days were all well below zero and we couldn't go out unless we had appointments or to do stop by's. But we didn't have a car this last week so we couldn't even do that. We didn't have any appointments really besides dinner ones and a couple regularly scheduled visits we make to recent converts. I was looking forward to Friday because it was supposed to be zone conference, but since it was snowing so bad and the roads were so bad they cancelled that. So it's been really slow, but the last couple days have been alright.
 Last night we stopped by that Dennis guy again. He is a African Methodist and he teaches Sunday school. Our first visit with him we gave him a Book of Mormon. He still hasn't read it, but he has done a lot of research bout our church. He thinks we worship Joseph Smith and we can't convince him otherwise. He has no malice against our church and accepts that we believe in Jesus Christ. He was pretty put out that we don't have crosses on our buildings and we don't wear them. We said we like to focus on the fact that he lives and not just that he died. He didn't rally like that. We just simply explained to him that nothing in this church will ever make sense unless you first obtain a testimony of the Book of Mormon. If you know the Book of Mormon is true then you know that Joseph smith was his prophet and that the priesthood was restored and that all other revelations that have come, have come from God.
 I had to speak in sacrament yesterday. I spoke on the aaronic priesthood. It went pretty well I think. The second counselor called elder Aagard and asked him to speak, but he said that I actually was wanting to, but I really wasn't obviously. So that made me a little mad. 
 We were at the Banez home on Saturday night because their son, J. A., is leaving on his mission this week. He's going to Pocatello mission, Spanish. Tell Jill and Bret and them that they may possibly see him. He's a cool guy. 
 I'm praying for strength and to find that happiness every time I pray. I love sharing the gospel with people and sharing my testimony. Just know that I love all of you so much. I was thinking about the times of watching criminal minds with you, mom, and I miss that so we will have to watch that when I get back!

Elder Scherer

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