Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Naperville 2.2.2015

hello family,

this was a pretty good week. we met a couple families that might be willing to met with us. i really hope so. I'm getting really familiar with the scriptures and that is kinda cool. i finished reading the book of mormon this last week. i am starting to read the whole preach my gospel book. I'm kinda  getting bored with only being able to read church stuff tho.  that's mission life i guess.

i was on exchanges with the zone leader, elder osterhout, and we ran into some guy that was a methodist. he is a comic book writer and he wrote a comic book about like vatican spec ops. he gave us each a copy of it! since i cant read it i will probably just send it home at some point. you'll have to let me know how good it is. i wanna read it when i get home in 92 weeks.

i read a really good talk this last week. it is from this last conference. it is called "which way do you face?" it is really good. one of the members told me that ogden was talked about in the Chicago tribune. it was saying that ogden is the city that has the least difference between lowest income of a family and highest income in the U.S. so that is pretty cool. 

yesterday we were not allowed to go outside again because there was a blizzard. it snowed at least 2 feet yesterday. we spent a lot of the time out shoveling peoples cars who were stuck in the parking lot. it was ridiculous. it wasn't super cold, but it was just a lot of snow. even today we've been getting people unstuck.

also last night when i was on the phone with the district leader reporting our weeks numbers, elder Aagard shot me in the eye with a bottle cap. you know how you can twist up a bottle and shoot off the cap? yeah he did that and it hit me right in the eye. i had to exert all my energy to not cuss him out. especially because we were on the phone with the district leader, and also cause I'm a missionary i guess haha

love you all!!

Elder Scherer

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