Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Well there's nothing new that really happened this week. This last one
went fast. It's starting to get a little cold! It snowed all day
Saturday. We shoveled off the church sidewalks twice. Elder Wells has
been asking me all kinds of questions about snow and snowy conditions.
He is from Vegas so he doesn't know anything about it. He complains
about the cold like non stop. I'm getting pretty annoyed with that.
But some of his questions are really funny.

We taught Paul and Elise Grimm again this week. We invited them to be
baptized and they accepted. We didn't give them a specific date. I
need to be better with inviting people to do things like coming to
church and being baptized. We don't get to teach people very often so
I don't ever want to ruin it. I will just work on it I guess. There's
no growth in the comfort zone, and there's no comfort in a growth
zone. President Fenn used to have that hanging on his fridge. I don't
know if it is still there because I've been in Peoria for 9 months

I forgot my camera back in Morton so I will send more pictures next
week. I do have some on my iPad that I will send. That's really all
the things I can remember from this week. Make sure to have a good
thanksgiving. Alma 37:37 "...and when thou risest in the morning, let
thy faith be full of thanks unto God..."

Mark 8:35 is my scripture for the week. Don't waste your time not
serving God for personal comfort. Jesus says this same statement in
all four of the gospels.

35 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall
lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it.

This morning I studied thanks and thankful in the index to the triple
combination. There were a lot of good scriptures contained therein.
I've also been reading the power of everyday missionaries that bishop
Binks gave me before I left. I encourage everyone to read it. The
reason the church has plateued in its growth isnt because of the
missionaries, it is because the members have stopped sharing the
gospel. President Hinckley said that the growth of the church is going
to come through the members, not by tracting. I'll get off my soapbox
here in a minute, but really not having anyone to teach is the worst
feeling in missionary work, a feeling I've had way too often. Okay i'm
done, but bear your testimony to someone today and you will feel the

Love everyone (:

Elder Scherer

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