Wednesday, November 18, 2015

birthday week

well to be honest my birthday, last Tuesday, was like the worst birthday I've ever had compared to previous ones, BUT it was a really good day in terms of missionary work so I was happy about that. 
We went and did service for brother and sister nance, the one that elder wells made cry. we just stopped by because we were in the area and bro nance was out raking leaves so we helped him for about an hour. then he took us out to pizza ranch! its a pizza buffet,  not as good as pizza pie cafe, but still pretty okay. then we went creve coeur and stopped by the allen family. i had never met them, they gave us pumpkin cake. we got fed like 6 times that day. when it came time for dinner neither of us ate because we were so full.. 
Then the best part! We went over to the Grimm's and they gave us brownies and ice cream for my birthday, more eating.. They are awesome, they are coming along pretty slowly, but they are coming. They have read parts of the Book of Mormon that we left for them to read. Friday is really going to be the deciding lesson i think. We're going to try to put them on date for baptism. We're gonna find out exactly how interested they are. We've talked about baptism before, but they have been kind of passive about it. So everyone please pray for Paul and Alice Grimm.
Other than that lesson there wasn't really a whole lot that happened. well there was this guy we taught last week that said we could come back this last Friday. we show up and there are three of his friends there. they did exactly what i thought they'd do, they just wanted to bash. i was getting excited, but elder wells really came in and was like no were not gonna do this anymore, if you want to learn about our church then great, but lets stop fighting and all be happy for each other that we have Christ in our lives. i was really impressed with the little guy. even tho i really am not a big fan of the little red headed, home-schooled, choir dorky little kid, he really impressed me there that night. they ended up listening to us and we did a little QandA about our beliefs about certain things. ended up they want to do a scripture study with us and we invited them to our scripture study at the church on Tuesday nights and the volleyball thing the ward does on Saturday mornings. one guy, Caleb actually had a lot of great questions and he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. he also took our number so maybe something good will come of it.
That's pretty much the highlights of the week i guess. love you all!

Elder Scherer

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