Monday, August 31, 2015

Morton 8.31.15

I realize that my emails have kinda sucked as of late. I'll try to
keep you entertained for this one.

Elder Renlund from the first quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to
us. It was awesome. He shared a lot about what the roles of a Seventy
Tasks of the Seventy:
Exodus 24:1, 9 witness of Christ
Numbers 11:4, 11-17 help bear the burden of the prophet
Luke 10 preach and heal

He also talked about how we are in this mission for a reason and that
President and Sister Griffin are here for a reason as well.
Then came the funny part. Sister Renlund, his wife, called for
volunteers. Elder Boulton volunteered us to go up in front of everyone
not knowing what we were getting in to. She had us role play teaching
her the Law of Chastity... It was the most awkward thing I have every
done in my life. But I can say I taught a member of the Seventy's wife
the Law of Chastity! She made us look dumb..

But then after that we were friends with her. She was talking about
inviting people to do things like read and pray. She asked if anyone
had ever been to a party without being invited and me and Elder
Boulton laughed. She was like, "Oh I see we have the party animals
here." She is so funny. So yeah I got called a party animal by Sister
Renlund. No big deal. haha

Margret came to the the Luau! and she also came to church! It was so
awesome. She made so many friends and she is fitting in nicely with
everyone. The big thing that was holding her back from leaving her
other church was the choir that she was a part of. BUT! The ward
council decided that they were going to start a ward choir and as soon
as she found that out she was so excited! It was so awesome how that
worked out. She is going to get baptized on September 12! I'm so
excited for her (:

Someone at church gave us peaches and I was super stoked, but then
when we got back home and opened the box I was sorely disappointed...
They were the size of apricots. Nothing like the good ones from back
home. I didn't even eat any.

We taught a fire lesson to Debra on Saturday right before the Luau.
She was like, "okay so do you want me to be a Mormon?" Uh yeah Debra
that's kinda the goal! It was awesome. We just found her like last
Tuesday and taught her Saturday. She said after we were done teaching
her that she mostly just wanted to see if I would talk the next time
we came back. So I guess I need to talk more? I have been told twice
now that my laugh sucks. First I was told that I looked like I was in
pain when I laugh and some sister told me I look awkward when I laugh.
I was really tempted to pull out my pocket knife and cut her hair off
and be like hah now you look awkward! But I didn't do it.. So my self
esteem is at an all time low and I no longer laugh. (:

Have a good week. Try not to miss me too much!

G. Franklin Scherer

1319 Butterfield Rd Suite 522
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

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