Tuesday, August 4, 2015

bye to Galesburg

Well Phillip didn't get baptized, again.. Tuff! (credit to Jarum) His sister and he are allergic to corn... Well guess where they live, in the middle of corn fields! Sophiya had a really bad allergic reaction from the sea of corn that surrounds their house so they had to go all the way to Joliet to get some special allergy shot. I wish I could go up to Joliet. 
I'm getting transferred to Morton. Still in the Peoria stake -_- I'm pretty bummed that I have to stay in this stake, I want to get back up into Naperville or Joliet stakes. Naperville stake center is the only church in the mission with a wood floor basketball court so my dream is to go there so I don't have to play on carpet anymore. So not too exited about staying down here, but I am pretty stoked about my new companion, Elder Treante Boulton. He's from Alabama. He's been in the stake almost as long as I have and I have gotten to know him some. Hopefully it will be good!
The good part about staying in the Peoria stake is that if and when Phillip gets baptized, and Christina & Marshall and Sadey & Andrew, I will get to go and see them get baptized! I'm pretty sure Christina and Marshall are going to get baptized. She is working on quitting smoking. Saturday we went in to teach them about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. I am always nervous to teach those lessons because it's usually during those, and teaching about tithing, that people drop you because they don't want to do those things. But to my surprise Marshall has already given up drinking and smoking during the past couple years and Christina is working towards it. It is amazing how the Lord prepares people.
On one of the days this last week we were headed out to our car after dinner or supper or something (People in Illinois call lunch dinner, and dinner supper. I'm starting to catch on...) anyways while walking out to our car a big guy with a name tag came up to us. Now I know what people feel like when we come up to talk to them with our name tags on. His name was Michael and he lives in the apartments across the parking lot, he asked if we could help him move a couch into his new place, we said yes of course. After we helped him he said that he owed us pizza. He promised that he would take us out to eat and that we could talk to him about what we do! We might be doing that tonight, but it may also be after I'm gone since I leave Tuesday morning for Morton.
I'm trying to memorize John 15. "I am the true vine and my father is the husbandman (farmer). blah blah blah Abide in me and I in you blah blah blah no something beareth fruit by itself except it abide in me" It's coming along great (; 
Yesterday was a little emotional saying goodbye to everyone at church. Not nearly as bad as when I had to leave Naperville 3 because I loved everyone there, but some people it was hard to say goodbye to. We went and visited Raymond's family after church to say bye and that was tuff. Then we had a lesson with Jo and that was just terrible. She was bawling the whole time and couldn't hardly read when it was her turn. She didn't want me to leave and she was so sad because I am one of her "honorary grandchildren". She said she would come see me in Morton since it's only about an hour and 15 min away from Galesburg. She said she would come visit me wherever I went in the mission, even if I got transferred to Beloit Wisconsin! She, the Barton's, and the Brundidge's are the hardest ones to say goodbye to in this area, everyone else is just like k see ya. haha I'm gonna miss it tho!
Love you guys! Don't forget to read the holy word this week. 
If you are trying to teach somebody about the Book of Mormon, don't get confused and share 3 Nephi 3:7 instead of 1 Nephi 3:7 (;

G. Franklin Scherer

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