Monday, August 24, 2015

Morton 8.24.15

don't remember anything that happened this week. It went by pretty quick.
We have been meeting with Bro. Herlihy, who is inactive by
circumstance. He lives in an assisted living place in East Peoria. He
has an ultra rare disease. Not sure what it is, but there's only 2
other people in the world who are known to have it as of right now.
That's what he said anyways. He is the smartest guy I have ever met.
He is kind of like a mad scientist. He is really smart among all these
disabled people. He's kinda like their king. His body just doesn't
work, but his brain sure does.
We stopped by an investigator Daniel. Well he's more of just a contact
because we haven't been able to teach him anything. We stopped by the
other day and he invited us in, but then he told us, "I just smoked a
whole ton of weed I'm gonna be honest." So we left and said we'd see
him later. Haha
Margret is doing great. She finally "broke up" with her old church. We
shared the story of when Christ called Peter and Andrew and how they
"straightway left" and left everything behind to follow the Savior.
She was like I want to be like them and leave it behind now that I
know the right path. She is going to be baptized on September 12!
We got to go to Peoria today to get our oil changed. I kinda sinned...
There was a tv on there showing so,etching on the history channel
about Atlantis.. I tried to read Jesus the Christ, but yeah. Haha it's
amazing how interesting it was since I haven't watched any tv in 9
minutes. There's someone playing Michael Jackson, don't stop til you
get enough, right behind me. I kinda want to dance. lol
I have some cool pictures to send also. Love you guys.

We went to teach Brother Johnson: an apostatized degenerate who only
likes to argue, but we destroy his views and he gets mad, and he took
us and showed us some cool stuff about Creve Coeur, Illinois where he
lives. I guess there was a man named Robert Cavalier Seul De La Salle
who had a fort here to protect them from native Americans in the
1600's. He came back from an expedition to find all his people dead or
something. I can't remember the story, but anyway so,etching broke his
heart when he got back and so he named the place Creve Coeur, which
means crevasse heart, or broken heart.
My companion found some obsidian and he picked it up because he wanted
to make a tie clip. So what did he do to make a tie clip? He picked up
our 45 lb plate and put it on the table, poured a whole ton of rubbing
alcohol in it and lit in on fire and put the rock in there. Apparently
he thought he could weld rock? I told him to put it out and he was
like no it's gonna work. Yeah it didn't work and he almost burnt down
our apartment building. He definitely gets the golden helmet award for
the century. I almost called the president, but then he finally
stopped when he realized you can't weld rocks. 

G. Franklin Scherer

1319 Butterfield Rd Suite 522
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