Thursday, April 2, 2015

Transferred to Galesburg

Dear Friends and Family,

So we got some bad news on Saturday. They are closing our area and transferring both of us out. I guess there's like 20 something missionaries going home and only maybe a dozen coming in. There are six areas throughout our mission that are closing down because we aren't going to have enough missionaries to fill the spots. So pretty much all the ward with double sets of missionaries and going down to one.
I'm pretty bummed I have to leave. I know it seemed like I hated it here, but the last couple weeks have actually been pretty good. We finally were getting some traction. We got two referrals and two new investigators and we were finally starting to meet with less active members that we were not able to before. I was finally starting to be able to teach people and now they are taking me out. I was pretty bummed when we got the call..
Yesterday was an emotional day. I had to say good bye to all the members in the ward. I really have grown to love these people, and this ward feels like home now. I knew everyone and a lot about them. It is going to be very hard leaving. The transfer meeting is tomorrow. But something kinda cool, Elder McCloskey is going down to Bloomington with Elder Aagard, my last companion. I am going down to Galesburg, Which is actually the area that McCloskey just came from. My new comp is going to be Elder Riggins. I've met him before and he is pretty cool. 
But on the bright side, I did see a Dodge Viper this week. That was neat. It was red. Well a couple funny things, we were out knocking doors and we had a nice hot streak of doors. Not people that wanted to hear from us, but a couple funny situations. one guy answered without a shirt on. I thought he was wearing a sweater, but he was just super hairy. The very next door we actually got invited in by a guy holding a beer. We went inside and there were two more guys with beers watching March Madness. There was a nice bottle of Jack Daniels on the coffee table too so I knew these guys were down to party.  So we start talking to them about God and they said they didn't want to talk to us about that they just wanted us to watch basketball with them. But we can't watch tv so we just said see ya later and left.
I heard an awesome talk this week. it was called "Break up with the world" by Hank Smith. It was really good, and if you can find it I would suggest listening to it. I had to spend another day inside because my comp got sick, again. This making it the 4th time that we have had to stay in because of illness. But while he was sleeping for hours I started to read the Pearl of Great Price because I never really knew what it was about. I read all the introduction stuff. It was all revelation and stuff given to Joseph Smith and it really strengthened my testimony of the Prophet Joseph and seeing all the work he did. It really is true that he did more for the salvation of man kind, except Jesus himself. I came across a few cool scriptures to go along with that as well. Moses 1:41 and 2 Nephi 3:9 both prophesy that a great prophet will be raised up in the last days. That was super cool.
It is starting to warm up here in Illinois, finally. Something super funny that people do here is they rollerblade. Like grown up people they roller blade around when it's nice weather just for fun. I just think it's hilarious because no one in Utah does that, but it's like a regular thing that people do here.
Today has been an odd P-day. We did our regular studies and then we went and helped Brother Victor move some old tables and chairs and things up into his garage. Then he wanted us to move like 100 boxes of food storage. All the boxes were like 34 pounds. So I'm a little sore, but not bad cause Hulk never gets sore.(; By the way, Mark Victor grew up in Twin Falls and he said that Grandpa Scherer was his bishop! He said he knew Frank and Carol, or at least his parents did. We also had dinner with Steve Horne, He said he was friends with my uncle Theron in high school! Lots of connections when you're Mormon! Brother Brady Anderson took us out to lunch today to a place called Sharko's. It is a BBQ place and super good. 
I found out that I will be sharing a ward with Elder Heiner down in Peoria Stake where I'll be serving, so I'm super stoked about that! Funny thing, when I was in the MTC, Elder Frehner and I did a Skype lesson with the Stake president's wife. So hopefully I will get to meet her in person now. I doubt she will remember me.

Then there's a picture with me and the Collins family. Yeah
Anne-Marie's is cute, but I stay focused as a missionary. Hah then
there's my comp and I with Richard and Cadge Cotton. Some really
awesome less active members we have been working with. 

Well love you all. Stay cool, like me.

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

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