Monday, April 27, 2015

Galesburg 4.27.15

Dear friends and family,

So I've been out for like 23 weeks now I think. Feels like 103.
Whoever said that mission go by fast was blasphemous. But it's going
pretty okay.
I don't know how, but I have failed to mention that we have a
baptism coming up on the 9th! Her name is Ramona Mack.
I can't ever really understand her when she gets going. She is so
excited to be baptized. She lives in a nursing home and somehow
randomly got the number of the church and called it. Sister Glass
picked it up and Ramona told her she wanted to come to church. She
thought it was just another church, but she said she really likes how
she feels when she comes. She is great!
I had a terrible dream the other night. So back home my stereo is to
the left of my bed. I was like half asleep and I heard some Eminem
playing and I wanted to turn it up. So I rolled over to turn it up on
my stereo, but I ended up punching the wall, and when I opened my eyes
instead of seeing my stereo all I saw was a grey wall of broken
dreams... I really miss good music.
Yesterday after church the bishop asked us to go see a member in the
hospital. We took her the sacrament and gave her a blessing. I sealed
the anointing and was voice. It was a really awesome experience. It
seems like everyone I talk to has a mission story of them going to the
hospital and giving someone a blessing, so now I have one of those I
We did more service at the Long's this week. We asked if it would be
okay if we shared a message next time we come and it seems to be okay.
So we will hopefully be able to teach them. They are the greatest
people. They are stocked full of Mountain Dew and root beer all the
time and we have free reign over the fridge. John told us that unless
our arms and legs are broken we can drink all we want. So I'm
definitely taking advantage of that!
Jo Godsil the recent convert that my comp baptized last transfer has
given us like 4 referrals. She is pretty much teaching the gospel to
everyone in her house. She has like 5 people, various relatives and
friends, living with her. She has brought several of them to church
the last couple weeks. She says she has a list of 25 people she wants
us to teach! She is a jackpot of people to teach. We meet with her
like twice a week for the new member lessons and she always gives us
drinks before and after the lessons. She is the greatest! We are
going to help her remodel her kitchen sometime this week.

That's all for now I guess. Love you all! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!(;

Elder Garrett F. Scherer
Galesburg, Illinois

1319 Butterfield Road Suite 522
Downers Grove, IL 60515

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