Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Galesburg 4.7.15

Dear everyone,
So I am now in Galesburg, Illinois. They call it dirty Burg. I'm not
quite sure what that means, could be inappropriate, but that's what
they call it. My new companion is pretty cool, his name is Elder Riggins. 
We have 3 people on date to be baptized, one on the 25th, and two on
the 2nd. I am really praying that they will work out. There are some
pretty cool members here. One of the recent converts that my comp
baptized last transfer gave us an Easter basket yesterday. It had a
ton of candy and like over $50 of gift cards. Galesburg is super small
town, but it is still pretty nice. There is a ward here, but it is
super small.

We had a mission conference yesterday so that is why I didn't get to
email. So I am very sorry all of you had to suffer by not hearing from
me. So I haven't really done a lot the last four days with it being
conference and the mission conference and now p day. I haven't shaved
 because I keep forgetting. Not gonna lie it looks pretty
good. If anyone gets mad at me for not shaving I am just going to
tell them that Jesus had a beard, and that the first 7 prophets of
this dispensation had them too. I don't foresee that going over very
well, but I think it's a valid argument. Just kidding.
We went to the mall today and I went into a sports store. First time
in however long I have been out to actually go shopping. I honestly
started getting anxiety. It was like all Nike and Jordan stuff. I
almost bought a pair of Kobe shoes, a couple pairs of Jordan shorts,
and some other stuff. I did walk out with a Kevin Durant shirt and an
Adidas one that says Chicago Basketball, kinda like my Lakers one. I
really had to control myself because I love to buy stuff. But I had to
tell myself that I didn't need a 27th pair of shoes.
Not really a lot has happened this last week because of the move and
all the meetings. I have finished the Pearl of Great Price and the
Book of Mormon twice, I am halfway through the New Testament. I love
the scriptures! I am short on time to write today because of all the
stuff we have going on today. I am well and trying to have a good
time. Love you all!

Elder Garrett F. Scherer
Illinois Chicago West Mission
Galesburg, Illinois 61401 (309)

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