Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Naperville 3.16.15

The  Lord hath been merciful unto the children of men this week. That child of the man Greg is me. The Lord hath seen fit in his infinite mercy to allow my eyes to lay hold upon an Audi R8 and a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG this week. Holy moses. I didn't get a picture of the SLS, but I got one of the R8 so hopefully you will find as much joy in looking at it as I did. Obviously the picture doesn't do it justice just as hearing someone else's testimony isn't as sweet to you as growing your own would be, but it's still pretty great.

I can sense that you have all been missing some awesomeness in your lives and you may be questioning, "Wherefore have I lost this source of wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures?" Well I will tell you where, you haven't been seeing my uplifting posts on Facebook. We, as of right now, are receiving additional training on how to better use Facebook, so for now we aren't using it until we have had this new training.

Yesterday was quite possibly the worst day of my life. I sprouted a cold when I was on exchanges with elder Hermansen on Saturday. I'll give you more details about that fun exchange later. So I had this cold, and I have been gulping down Day n Nyquil like Scott Mescudi. (5 points to whoever understands that) My companion is also sick. We went out before church to try and find a former investigator. I just had this super weird vibe the whole time, I don't know if it was the DayQuil or what, but when we got to the complex that this person lived, that address didn't actually exist. We went to the closest address to it and it was locked. The property manager saw us and we sat down and had a nice talking to about how we weren't allowed to solicite on her property. We tried to explain that we aren't selling anything. I don't really remember biking back to our apartment. I was super out of it and my mind was somewhere else. I know I stopped and talked to some people that were out walking so hopefully I said something that was righteous. lol After church I had a nice case of diarrhea so that added to the awesome day I was already having. So I really loved yesterday.

I ate some Vietnamese food and some Indian food this week! Coconut curry is pretty dang delicious. Vietnamese soup is kind of like liquid magma in your throat. By far the spiciest thing I have ever put in my mouth. I also had a black bean burger yesterday. Super nasty BTW. I wasn't there for the decision making, I was in Joliet. I guess the Miller's called and asked Elder McCloskey what kind of burgers we wanted between hamburgers, black bean burgers, and salmon burgers. And wouldn't you know it he chose the one that is obviously the most unappetizing. They also asked what cheese we wanted on it between cheddar, mozzarella, and horseradish cheese. Yep he chose the horseradish cheese. So yeah.

We were finally able to meet with a lady named Cassie this last week. We have been trying to meet with her since November... She is a part member family. Her husband, Chaz, is a member. He has super bad health, but they come to sacrament almost every week and they came to gospel essentials so that was awesome. Super cool lesson. But they are going to be out of town til the 24th so we can't teach her again until then.

Okay so about this exchange with Elder Hermansen, I went down to Joliet, East Side Joliet which is even worse than regular Joliet. So strike one there. We saw a family on the street playing so we talked to them and taught them a quick first lesson. Then we taught one of their recent converts. We went tracting after that, but here's where it gets good. We crossed the river! You probably have no idea what that means, but "on the other side of the river" is where east side Joliet gets even more ghetto.So strike 2 there. So we're driving around and whatever and we start going up to "the hill" which is the most notorious and roughest place in all of Joliet. Strike 3. The only place where I have felt unsafe on my mission has been up on "the hill". There were police lights and cameras hanging on every single light post. Flashing red and blue lights hanging on all the light posts. It was also 8:30 at night and it was dark. It was awesome! No real story there, just that it was straight hood.

Well have a good week :)

Elder G. Franklin Scherer
Naperville, Illinois 60515 (630)

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