Friday, May 8, 2015

Galesburg 5.4.15

Dear Family and Friends ,

This was probably one of the best weeks of my mission! I know it's not about numbers, but this week I finally had numbers to report! I actually felt like I was doing something and we've stayed busy.
So Ramona, the lady who is getting baptized on Saturday, got up yesterday in fast and testimony meeting and bore her testimony! She said she was so grateful that God showed her this church. She also said she was grateful for the "brother elders" who have been teaching her. It was so great (:
We had three investigators come to church yesterday. It was awesome. Our Sunday school lesson was chapter 16 in the gospel principles manual, about the primitive church in Christ's day and how it was the same as it is now. If you haven't read that chapter I would recommend looking at it, and chapter 17 as well. Anyways, Jo had a couple questions about the apostasy so we helped her understand a little but more about that. It's an important doctrine to learn and understand. If there wasn't an apostasy, there would be no need for a restoration. BUT there was an apostasy, God took his priesthood away from the iniquitous world and it has been RESTORED through the Prophet Joseph Smith.
I finished the book of mormon in a week. Last Sunday to yesterday. The Monmouth Elders that we share a ward with, Elder Heiner and Elder Harrison, had two baptisms this week. Both little kids who were 9 years old. The second one, Angelo, got baptized on Saturday and his dad was speaking just before the ordinance about baptism. My favorite line that I've ever heard in church, "You finna be dipped". I was trying so hard not to laugh. Raymond, Angelo's dad, is the funniest guy ever. I love black people!
In Ezekiel chapter 37:1-14 it totally talks about a zombie army! Check it out. There's some weird stuff in the Old Testament.
Til next week, Peace.

Elder Garrett F. Scherer Guardsman🏾
Galesburg, Illinois

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