Friday, February 27, 2015

ZERO - 0

0. it was 0 degrees yesterday. -20 with wind chill. its supposed to be
-50 today so I'm so excited for that. But since i am in the face of
adversity and I'm gonna push through it, i am hoping one day the lord
will tell me what he told Ether in Ether 12:37. in the ways of
scriptures, Mosiah 3:19, the psalm of Nephi in 2 Nephi 4:17-35, 2
Nephi 31:20, and D&C section 122 all make me feel like a lousy
when i feel like i wanna quit. and also the video "missionary work and
the atonement" from Jeffery R. Holland as well.

I realize i didn't finish a sentence from my last email. i was going to
share a secret, but i couldn't think of one so i just went on. hah well
since none of you answered my pop quiz, the answer was 1 Nephi 11:16
and the reply in verse 17 was "I know that he loveth his children;
nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things."

Well a couple of the Elders i came out with and i do a weekly email
where we report three awards: the space cadet award-someone who spaced
out, the ice cube award-someone who needs to chill out, and the GHA-
golden helmet award for the biggest retard of the week. anyways, i
witnessed something that qualifies for the GHA for the whole year.
this lady drove across two lanes of opposing traffic, over the curb
and over two feet of snow, through two pine trees, and onto a frozen
pond. theres ponds freakin every where here btw. people play hockey on
them and its pretty cool. back to the story, his lady's car was just
stuck in the middle of this frozen pond. total retard.

took some cool pics this week. one i found a street with Alyssa's name
on it. another is the biggest house in Naperville. me and my comp
posting up for a valentines mirror pic. and some district and zone
pics. Dont be alarmed at the bird that hermana lewis is holding.
thats the zone trophy. every week the zone leaders have a
challenge-the joliet jaguar, like who can invite the most people to
church, and whoever wins gets the bird for the week.

I'm gonna be staying in this area, but I'm getting a new companion.
I'm going to be co-senior companion.
i guess thats pretty cool.

I thought I had more funny things to share this week, but I guess not
so sorry about that!

Elder Scherer

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