Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Naperville 3.2.15

The dress is black and blue and we're going to leave it at that.

Still not a lot of opportunities for teaching, but we have a few people that have potential so i am praying for them.   the members are starting to help us out a little bit and that has been a great blessing. especially now since the other elders that we were in a car share with totaled the car two weeks ago! i cant remember if i told you, but we used to drive like a 2010 Malibu, but then they took that one back and gave us a brand new 2015 ford fusion! it was awesome, while it lasted at least. anyways the other elders that we share with every other week were driving behind this lady and the light turned yellow and she stopped but they tried to go for it and plowed into the back of her going 55. so yeah totaled the car and sent the lady to the hospital. total retards! needless to say they got the Golden Helmet Award for the week.

for you that know me well enough you know that i don't get too adventurous with my eating. well i went back to Giordano's and ate calamari for the 3rd time. i can also eat salad without gagging now since everyone and their dog think that missionaries are rabbits and need a stupid salad every time you eat somewhere. i also discovered i like blueberries.

it was so warm Sunday, it got up to like 25*! too bad it was a day we were inside at church so we couldn't enjoy walking around in it. well without the car i have been walking every where. i pretty much know every street and backroad in Naperville now since i have to find out where to go to get places.

theres going to be a big mission conference tomorrow and one of the seventies is going to be there. its no one I've ever heard of before so i cant remember who it is, but I'm sure it will be good! well the brownies i put in the oven are done so I'm going to go eat them. have a good week!

Elder Scherer

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