Monday, December 1, 2014

First week in the field

Hello family! 

Sounds like you guys have had a great week! It was sure weird not having thanksgiving with the family, but it's a small price to pay for bringing others the way to eternal salvation. We ate at the Crenski home. That's probably not even close to how you spell it. The father is from Croatia and the mother is from Denmark. They have four little kids and they were really loud. They were so nice.

This first week has been pretty good. Kinda slow. We are white washing the area so neither of us have any idea about anything. My companion, elder aagard, is from kaysville and went to Davis high. He's only been out for 4 1/2 months! So we are both really new out here. The elders and sister switched areas this last transfer. We are in Naperville 3rd ward, and the sisters used to have the north half and the elders had the south half, but now they've switched it. The sisters left us with over 150 names in the online area book app we have. Some of these people date back to being contacted in 2008. So it's a big mess, but we are working on trying to go around and visit all of them so we can find out if they are serious or not. We've hardly made a dent, but we are trying our best. We have also done some tracking of our own and have added a couple names to that list as potential investigators.

 We have a car,  but we could lose it any day. I guess it's passed its miles and as soon as salt lake finds out they will take it away. We are one of only 10 missions to be online proselyting and have iPads is what I've been told. Within the next year though, all United States missions will have iPads. It's pretty cool. We get to use Facebook as a means to contact people, so if you would like to add me then my name is Elder Garrett Scherer. I have deactivated my other account so that's all I have right now. I gave away my first Book of Mormon on Saturday! That was awesome.

I have learned so much already, even though I have a long way to go. I've never studied the scriptures so much before. President Fenn really wants us to focus on the Book of Mormon so I have been reading intently on that. Some really great scriptures I'd like you to take a look at are 2 Nephi chapters 2,9,29,31,32, and 33. We taught a Book of Mormon class on Saturday morning about 2 Nephi 32, to a couple of recent converts.

The church is putting forth a new Christmas video this holiday season. It's called He is the Gift. There's a link to it on my new Facebook. Please share that with as many people as you can! Tell them to visit

I love you all so much! Have a great week.


Elder Scherer

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