Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Naperville Area 12.8.2014

Sounds like you guys are doing great. Congrats on getting the decorations up. Did you get a chance to check out the He is the Gift video yet? The church bought the main header on YouTube so it should be up there by now. Also in the December Ensign there are 9 pass along cards. I would invite you to pass those out and share the gift as much as you can this Christmas season. It's a big push the church is doing and we as members need to help push it along. Share it on Facebook and stuff too. On my new account I have shared it so you can share it from mine if you'd like. 

Bishop Fisher said he knows someone in the Naperville 2nd ward whose brother in law is Kevin Ross, dad! Also a member in the ward, Brother Horn, said he knows Theron from high school! Another sister in the ward is from Blackfoot Idaho so she might know Laurie or Jill. Her father is a seminary teacher so he may know Wade. We lose the car tomorrow and will then be on bikes and walking. I have a loaner bike for now but I should go buy one soon. If you could make sure there's enough money in my account to get a bike that would be great. It was snowing this morning but has been changing back and forth between rain and snow.

We had our ward Christmas party on Friday night. That was fun to go to. We've been trying to track down as many of the potentials as we can while we still have the car. We've made some really good progress this week. We've given out several Books of Mormon. On Tuesday I went on an exchange with a zone leader, Elder Osterhout from Rupert, Idaho. We taught a lady and we committed her to baptism on the 24th! I was so happy! But it was in their area so unfortunately I won't be there to see it go through. We have a couple investigators that we have been teaching, one we got a soft commitment to baptism. She said she would, but she still drinks wine occasionally and doesn't want to give that up unless she knows 100% that she wants to join. She's been taught pretty much everything and she's been to church, so she's really close. It's just more of the social aspect now, she doesn't want to give up her friends from her current church. So that's where we need the members help, we need them to reach out and fellowship her. I never realized how much of an impact the members had on missionary work. Mom and dad I want you to read "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christensen. It's the book bishop Binks gave me before I left. It helps members know how they can be involved with missionary work. I've learned that Utah missions are not allowed to tract so they are solely dependent on member referrals. Things are good, elder Aagard and I are getting along and the work is starting to get rolling. He played baseball and football, but he's really tall and skinny. He's pretty funny. We are having a good time. He's only been out for five months.

Tell Alyssa I love her and I miss her. I'm happy to hear about her cheerleading. I know she did great. I love you Alyssa, thanks for being such a good friend to me. 

Love you all, Elder Scherer

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