Monday, November 14, 2016

Cigarettes and Nachos 11.14.16

Well I won't write a whole lot cause I'll see you in 2 days.

It's been a rough week, saying goodbye to everyone and taking pictures.

My birthday was last Thursday and it just so happened the relief
society was having an activity that night all about missionaries and
those serving the in the military. They invited us to come. They had
lots of food and fun decorations and what not. They had all the mom's
who had children serving missions or in the military come up and share
something that they heard from their kid. Then at the end they had us
go up and share some experiences from our missions. Then they had a
cake for me! It looked really good, but man I hate cake... the
frosting almost made me throw up. But! Paula St. John and sister
porter came in hot with a tower of brownies! (That's why you need to
make friends with people so they know what you really like!) it was
awesome and they all sang (:

In fast and testimony meeting yesterday the very last person who got
up was a youth named Justin. He's about 17 I think and he just got out
of rehab in Wyoming or something like that. He got up and everyone in
the audience was like, "what's he gonna say?" He got up there and said
the first they had him do at the rehab place was have him write down
all the things he was grateful for. He said he only wrote two things,
cigarettes and nachos. But he said by the end he had a big list of
things he was grateful for, especially the Savior. It was amazing to
see him change like this, I saw him before he left and there's a huge
change. He concluded by saying something along the lines of, "some
people hate it when the missionaries come over, but I LOVE IT!" That
was way cool to hear. The Savior really can change our lives, He's
changed mine.

See you in 2 days.

I will be speaking in my home ward on November 27, 2016 at 9:00. The
address is 3350 N 1050 E, North Ogden, UT 84414

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

 We all got our calculator watches.

 The box of stuff the relief society gave me for my birthday!

 The Wayne family
 The brown family, jake gets baptized November 26!

 Me and Elsa who got baptized two weeks ago

 Powered through the Reese's football

 St. John family, she will be baptized soon!

 Sister Porter and her daughter

The Smith family

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