Monday, August 15, 2016

Oswego 8.15.16

I had an impression when I first got to this area that I was going to need to be patient. I have seen that that was really from the Holy Ghost. There's many times that I've had to be patient so far in this area. With myself, my companion, with the members, and with investigators. It's been a test, but I see myself changing and becoming more patient.

I had a unique opportunity this week, one that I've not had before, to bless a member's home. They just moved in from Rockford. They are the third family to move in just since I've gotten in the area. We've helped them move stuff in twice this week. Super awesome family, the Cooper's. We went there on elders quorum splits this week, I was with the elders quorum president. They asked if we could bless their home and they asked me to do it. I was really nervous, but I made it through!

We've got lots of time planned to find new investigators this week so I am excited for that. We've been spending a lot of time stopping by people that were already in area book the past couple weeks, so it will be fun to get some fresh people to work with.

I had a testimony building experience on Saturday night. But before I share that I'll share another that lays the foundation. This week I found myself pleading and begging Heavenly Father for help, sometimes almost shouting in my mind, "HELP US!" I think often why with all the prayers from our parents, ourselves, prayers in the temples for the missionaries, prayers from the First Presidency and the Twelve on behalf of missionary work, why with all these voices raised to the Lord to prepare the way and to help us find people, why are there not more people that we find and teach? I came to the conclusion that God has given me the greatest "help" I could have. I've been given, through a legal administrator, the gift of the Holy Ghost. My favorite line from a favorite hymn, Let the Holy Spirit Guide, "He will lead us safely home."

The experience was when we were coming home Saturday night we met a man named Ryan Henry. It was about 8:50 and I felt like I should knock on this one house. Of course there were at least 52 excuses and justifications that came to mind: it's late, it's dark, etc. After going through a couple of those and being a few steps past his driveway, trying to put off the promoting like I too often do, a second thought came to mind, "When? When are you going to let me help?" "There's no time like the present!" Is what I said to myself. Well we met Ryan and he was in his boxers. He seemed a little apprehensive at first, but the more we talked, the more comfortable he became. He put on some clothes and we sat in his backyard for a while and shared a spiritual experience. I am so thankful to the Lord that he sent me that prompting and that I was able to heed it. I can just imagine to myself how much of a difference it would make and how many more miracles we could see if we would listen to every prompting we receive.

The Holy Ghost is our best ally. Listen and obey and He truly will, "guide us safely home".

Oh and I almost got a guitar this week. We were helping one of our investigators weed her backyard because she broke her wrist. Well they were having a garage sale in her front yard and when we were done we went up and talked with Erica. There was a sweet electric guitar up there and I was looking at it. Her son, who was selling it, asked if we were getting paid to do her backyard and we said no we were just doing service. Well he offered me the guitar that he was selling for $200! I wanted it so bad... But I had to decline because I don't know how I would get it home. #heartbreaking

Elder G. Franklin Scherer

A bit of heaven on earth

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