Tuesday, January 5, 2016 in St. Charles

Well Happy New Year everybody! I hope no one broke any commandments
or covenants on that eve. I had a good ole Martinelli's by myself. We
had to be in by 4 pm so we wouldn't get killed by drunk drivers (as if
we had a car). lol Being on foot here in the frigid winter is great.
People are pretty nice here compared to where I was last winter, we
had a couple people let us in for hot chocolate and to warm up, even
tho they didn't want to hear about the gospel.

So this week was really good! We taught 5 lessons!!! That is the most
I have ever taught in a single week on my mission. The work is
hastening here in good ole Illinois. Maybe the curse Brigham Young
left on the state when they were driven out is being loosened! There
was one day, I think it was Tuesday, were we taught two lessons even
before lunch time! It was super sweet, even though both of those guys
dropped us when we came back. But oh well, gotta respect the agency of

We were finally able to get in contact with Tammy, one of the
investigators the sisters who were here before us taught. That was one
interesting experience. I was on a companion exchange with Elder
Wilson, our district leader, when we met her. She is probably like
55-60 years old. She was flirting with us a little bit. She called us
cute probably 8 times... She tried to invite us in a couple times, but
we couldn't because she was the only one home. She felt bad that we
were out in the cold so she made us hot chocolate while we shoveled
her walkway and porch for her. She opened her garage and told us to
come inside while we drank the hot chocolate, but we didn't feel
comfortable with that so we just stood on the driveway and drank it.
Then her husband pulled up and was like "Hey it's the mormon boys!"
They loved the sisters, they had them over like 4 or 5 times for
dinner and stuff. The sisters only taught them once so I don't know
why they kept going over there. So we went inside now that the husband
was home and he made us steak tacos, which were really good. We talked
to them and taught them about the atonement from the Book of Mormon.
They go to a mega church here with 7000 members and they didn't want
to come to our church. We are going to try one more time, but they
don't seem very interested at this point, but it was an experience!!
It doesn't actually sound that good now that I write it down, but it
was just super weird.

A less active family had us over for dinner because we asked if we
could have a lesson with them. THEY FED US POPEYE'S CHICKEN. It was a
heavenly meal. There's nothing I love more than Fettuccine Alfredo,
fried chicken (especially Popeye's), and brownies (which by the way
another family fed us brownies with double fudge brownie ice cream so
this week was wonderful in the regards to food). BUT anyways we taught
the Hedberg's and they want to get to the temple. We told them to
start with the fundamentals of reading and praying and coming to
church (CPR - church, pray, read). They committed to doing those
things, but then they didn't show up to church.. ):

We had two investigators committed to coming to church this week and
neither showed... I haven't had an investigator come to church since
September!! What is the deal! haha BUT we did see three less-active
members that we've been working with come to church so that was

We taught the high priests group lesson yesterday in church so that
was neat. We taught them how to use Preach My Gospel in their home
teaching. The ward struggles with home teaching here so the High
Priest Group Leader asked if we could do that. It went pretty well. If
you don't have a copy of Preach My Gospel or don't use it then you
should listen to or read Elder Ballard's talk about follow up from I
think 2014. He invites all members to use Preach My Gospel. There's a
great quote from President Lee on page 13 about home teaching and
missionary work. I'm not gonna tell you what it is so you'll have to
get a copy and look it up! haha

Well I hope that everyone had a great holiday season! I know I did.
It's 2016, my dark year has come to a close. I come home this year.
What a weird thought. But I still got plenty of time, so no one get
too trunky on me!

Elder Scherer

Well I made this using a quadratic graph. I taped it onto my desk so I
see it all the time. I think it's neat. Love ya!

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