Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Transfer to St Charles

I'm getting transferred to Saint Charles West!

This was a short week since we went to the temple last Tuesday. Pretty
much everything that happened was in the pictures.
I'm petty sad I am leaving Morton. It's the same feeling as when I
left Naperville. I am really going to miss all the members here. We
are just beginning to get a lot of traction here in Morton south.
We've got a growing teaching pool with a lot of solid people in it.
I'm sad I won't get to see them through. I will be praying hard for
the Grimm's, the Hawkins', Linda, Daniel, Michelle, and Ben. I
probably haven't told you a lot about them, but they are all the
people we have been working with.
This is the most difficult thing about a mission. I don't mind the
slammed doors 300 times a day, the people who try to tell me I'm
wrong, or even the protesters (which by the way I hope you all got
those links I sent!), but leaving an area where you've grown to love
the members and people is so hard. Feels like my heart is being ripped
again and again.

Love you all (: don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Elder Scherer

Brother nance let me do some pottery in his barn! I made a bowl and he
is going to fire it and send it to me! I haven't done this stuff since
high school (:
Here's me and the Nance's!  I promised I would come back and see them and they said they are going to come out to Utah so I can teach Cameron to snowboard! I'll get to show off
on Cheryl (my snowboard) for somebody (;

Jo drove up from Galesburg and took me and elder wells out for lunch
and gave me this monster!

We went into an apartment complex and we saw an apartment that already
had one of our cards on the door so we went back the next day and gave
them the DVD and gave them our phone number! Then the Nance's took my
iPad and took a selfie. I'm going to miss this family

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