Tuesday, December 15, 2015

St. Charles 12.14.2015

I got transferred to a new area, St. Charles. It's like the richest place in Illinois. It's been a challenge for sure because we white washed and neither of us have any idea whats going on. The sisters didn't leave any investigators really so we're starting from literally the rock bottom. The only place to go is up and I'm super excited for this next week. This ward is really great from what I've seen so far.

We share a ward with elder Pettey and Elder Golling. Elder Pettey was my zone leader for 3 transfers and elder golling was in our zone as well so I know both of them really well. I'm really excited to be sharing a ward with elder Pettey. He's awesome. But he dies at the end of this transfer ):

My companion is fresh out of training. He's got a great drive for missionary work and it's great. I like being around a missionary who is like that. I really miss elder Wells.

On Friday we went to the mission office (finally close enough to where I can do that!) because elder Jepsen had a bike shipped to him. We had to go to a storage shed and I got a blender and a new chair from there. Elder golling was looking through a box of winter stuff and in there he found a pair of gloves and a scarf that I left in naperville 3 last year! That was kinda funny.

Last night there was a Christmas devotional sing-a-long at the stake center. It was great. I wanted to share a great experience I had there. We were singing What Child Is This with the whole stake and it was just so powerful. I teared up a little bit because I've only felt the spirit that strong a few times. It was wonderful.
I like being back up north here in the mission, but I kinda forgot how anal missionaries are about the rules up in Naperville. They're all so close to president that they're all mega fake and brown nosers. They all just need to chill. Still be obedient because that's the first law of heaven, but they need to chill.

Elder Scherer

Me and Margaret last Monday before I left Morton.

Brother Monson's house. Sister Griffin wanted a
picture of us "working" so we took this one of us knocking on his

And this is the lamp that I got!

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