Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MTC #2

Dear Mom,

hey mom i love you. thank you for everything. thanks for the package you sent me i love you. i don't know my address or anything. this is the only email time i'm going to have at the mtc. we got our flight itinerary on saturday, and we leave at like 3:35 next monday morning and i don't think we will get to email that day. but i am having a good time here. my companions name is elder Frehner (fr-A-ner) is how you say it. hes cool, hes from nevada so he is cold all the time and it hasn't even been cold at all yet i don't think. we share a room with two other elders, elder anderson and elder heiner. i love elder heiner, me and him get along so well, we laugh all the time and have a good time together. the food kinda sucks here, but it's okay. kinda like your cooking ;) just kidding i wish i could have some of your food. love you mom you are the greatest

Elder Scherer

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