Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oswego week 2 - 7.25.16

This was a crazy good week! 11 lessons with investigators. I think that is about how many I had the last month, and now we hit that in one week. We were able to get members to 4 of them. We now have Elsa Guzman (previously thought her name was Vazquez) on date for baptism for August 27! Her and her soon to be mother-in-law came to church yesterday! 

So with Elsa, she has had a pretty tough go about these last couple years. She's been kicked out of her house for reasons unknown to me. She now lives with Connie Vazquez and Juan, her boyfriend. She's been baptized in three different churches now and she can't seem to find all the pieces of the puzzle in one spot. She's been so awesome as we've taught her and we have been pondering and praying about a date for baptism and we felt like that was the day. There's a big obstacle to overcome as far as the law of chastity since she is living with her boyfriend and her family. We mentioned it as we passed by her house one day to follow up with her reading and we said hey just by the way there's something that you have to do before you get baptized... She said okay and that was it. Well later that same day Connie texted us and said Juan and Elsa are going to get married this upcoming week! Haha I don't know how it's going to work out that quick, but where there's a will there's a way! They came to church yesterday and bishop talked with them about getting them married and he thinks they're okay so they're gonna go for it. What a miracle!! Again I don't know how it's gonna happen, but we'll do it (:

I forgot to mention that it's really hot here. It got up to 107* plus 95-100% humidity this week. There were a lot of thunder storms. Our power got knocked out 3 times. It's pretty terrible trying to sleep with that kind of heat and no A/C for three nights. Could be worse I guess. Haha good times I guess.

The St John's didn't show up to church yesterday. Not sure why. She feels okay about the church and stuff, but she still doesn't quite understand what the difference is between our church and other Christian churches. So we are trying to work with her on that.

Elder Scherer
:Long Live the 3 er's:
Heroes get remembered, but legends never die

As for pictures this is all I got for this week. Elsa is the one on the far right. It was one of connie's granddaughters birthdays so we stayed a little extra long after the lesson for some cake and to sing. Don't mind my face I look like an idiot.

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