Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekly 6.27.16

It's crazy that is preparation day, again. Seems like every other day is preparation day now. I only have 20 Sunday's left...
Well this was a good week. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Golling. That was a blast. Right at the very tail end, before we were about to exchange back, we knocked on a door and guess who was inside! Sharon Arnold! The exact lady who ran into us a few weeks ago in the Taco Bell drive thru! What are the odds? Her husband actually let us in and as we turned the corner I saw her, didn't recognize her at the beginning, but she noticed me and said, "are you from canton?" It was pretty cool. We found out she is interested in family history and she knew that the Mormons were big into family history. We told her that we would come back in a few days and teach her why we are interested in family history.

We've still been teaching Robert Baler and Verna. Haven't really broken any ground. Sounds like it backslid a little bit on the last meeting, I wasn't there because I was in Pekin for the day. We've been taking a member with us that has a similar background, but he honestly isn't helping much. He doesn't believe that preach my gospel works. He calls it the "Utah Conversion tool". He says the brethren don't know what it's like out here and we have to do it differently. HAHAHA! I'm gonna tell him to listen to elder Rasband's talk, Standing with the leaders of the church from this last conference. It's been real frustrating. He also told us he went to a grove in Nauvoo to pray for how to teach this guy. He came up with a "short discussion", as he called it. Anyways it's been really dumb, but that's about the maximum member missionary work I've seen in this branch so I guess I aught to be happy that he is trying to help. (:

It's still hot. 

Jacob 1:19
3 Nephi 5:13
Romans 1:16

Elder Scherer

Corn blown over by wind storm

Elder Golling

Home burnt down. Wife didn't make it

Bass Pro Shop

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