Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Midnight break-in 10.10.15

Hello family and friends,

My favorite missionary (other than the members of the 3 Er's) goes
home at the end of this transfer. I saw him for the last time at a
zone training. But don't worry we have already planned a trip to San
Francisco in 2017. Gonna miss elder Hermansen!
My little boy is growing up (': he fed the ducks for the first time
all by himself!
We got a new ward mission leader, brother smith. He is pretty cool.
Hopefully he will do well. Nothing really new with any investigators.
We just have a ton of flaky people. We taught this guy named John Dom.
He tried to drop us a few times during the lesson, but I wouldn't have
it. I was kinda like no John, you are going to listen and you are
going to like it and you are going to get baptized! It was really
funny. I love teaching people like that. They keep trying to knock it,
but they don't even give it a chance, but eventually we convince them
to pray about it. If people are stubborn I just tell em "hey if God
told you to do it, wouldn't you do it?" They usually say yes, so I
tell them to just ask and they will receive. People just don't
understand the scriptures! I love just talking to people.
So I did something you should never do.. I called a guy Satan.. I'll
tell you what happened: we knocked his door. And he immediately
started trying to bash (I destroyed him and that made him mad) I
handed him a Book of Mormon and he took it, but he set it on his porch
and said he wouldn't bring satanic stuff in his house. So I took it
back and was like well I'm not going to give it to you then. He went
on to tell us that the devil is an angel of light and that Joseph
smith was the devil in the flesh like Jesus was God in the flesh. He
ended up saying Joseph smith was Satan and I got mad and said no
you're Satan! And I left.. You don't want to do that, but it made for
some great laughs for the rest of the day.
So a kid from my first area, Jack Angus, got called to the Logan, Utah
mission and his first area is north Ogden! So if you see an Elder
Angus ask him if he remembers me, he is a stud and he played
There was a crazy thing that happened. I'm hesitant to tell it because
it's pretty scary. No one was hurt and nothing really happened, to us
anyway. Well I guess if you want the extended edition that I typed up,
email me and ask me for it, otherwise I'll just give you a watered
down version real quick.
A guy broke into our apartment at 2 in the morning and went into our
bathroom and started peeing. I'll give you my train of thought: first
thought was its the A/C guy (we have been having problems with our A/C
so we told the land lord and she said she'd have it fixed). After I
thought that I was like no it's probably too late for maintenance.
Second thought was maybe it's Elder Pettey, our zone leader, because
he was peeing with the door open and Elder Pettey does that. No wasn't
him. Third thought, well it must be Elder Wells. Looked over at his
bed, he was sleeping. So I was trying to figure out what exactly I
should do. Finally he finishes and I grabbed my knife and run out
there and got him to get out (I didn't actually have my knife out just
in my pocket just in case) so he leaves and I lay back down. Elder
wells didn't even wake up!
Then 15 minutes later a pounding came at the door. I woke elder wells
up this time so I could actually have a witness this time. It was a
cop and he said he was looking for that guy. So I told him what
Long story short we had to get our locks changed on our doors, but
everything was fine.

Sorry about how long this email was. Enjoy your week!
Love, Elder Scherer

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