Wednesday, October 21, 2015

dumpster diving 10.19.15

So I went dumpster diving this week. I'll get to that in a minute. I
don't really remember a lot that happened. This week seemed like it
went by really fast. I don't remember a lot that happened. Already
said that.. Too late now you get to read it twice.

We had a meeting with Bishop Mehr and we got a lot of new ideas of how
we can find new people. He told us all about his vision for the ward
since he is the new bishop. He says that he does not envision being
the bishop of this ward as presently constituted for very long. He
expects there will be a great influx and the ward will split pretty
soon. I believe that it will happen.

He told us what he expects of us as missionaries and it really helped
increase our vision, at least it increased my vision. We have
completely changed our finding and planning, still all within the
preach my gospel and mission guidelines, and it has yielded some
awesome results so far. We found two new investigators and had several
lessons this last week.

So I went dumpster diving. We do service at a library in Washington.
We move a lot of boxes of books for them into storage. I have moved
over 300 boxes of books by myself! The pile just keeps getting bigger
and bigger! Anyways there were a ton of older books that they were
recycling. So we took them all out to the big dumpster bins and were
throwing them in, one by one. There was one, Quitting Smoking for
Dummies, that we threw in the dumpster. I thought about it for a
second and I was like, I could use that! Without much thought and
before I realized what I was actually doing, I was halfway in.

This was one of the biggest dumpsters I have ever seen. I was standing
all the way up in it. I probably could have made a pretty decent home
if I had more time. It was all recycling so it wasn't gross in there.
It would have made for a better story if it was gross tho. Anyway I
found the book and I stacked some books and boxes so I could get out.
It was great. After it all happened I realized what I just did and was
like well that just happened.
Elder Scherer

The biggest hill in Illinois! (I think) I live in the forest.
 Elder Wells and a very small section of our plans

My playboy collection (; They just smell really good and they're cheap. haha Miami, New York, and London. Don't judge too hard.

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